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Bulk Email Sending Servers (Ready-To-Send) -BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, and LITECOIN ACCEPTED-contact us for detail

We have 2 turnkey solutions with dedicated bulk sending server:

1 sending with bulk sending software (Group Mail Enterprise Edition) from inside of our windows server, a turnkey solution.

2 sending with online platform (Interspire) from your web browser with our super smtp accounts, another turnkey solution.

Both solutions have automatic IP rotation, spf, dmarc and dkim record setting to avoid spam filters and reach high inbox delivery rate. The more to send per day, the more IPs are needed for your sending smtp.

Dedicated server with multiple fresh IPs rotating automatically, starting at 8 and up to 256 IPs per month. The more IPs you are using for rotating, the more delivery rate and inbox rate you get. We will help setting up your sending domains SPF, DKIM and DMARC dns record for free. You can send 20k to 980k per day with this method per server, depending on your email lists' quality and email content. If your list is clean (less than 1% bounce rate), you can reach upper limit to send fast. This is a good method to send targeted email list to your users and it gets good inbox deliverability up to 90%.

Note: We do not use proxies. proxy providers are selling proxies to too many people and delivery speed and quality is usually very bad. Most importantly, proxy sending is illegal. About RDNS or PTR records with your own domains, as a special request, please contact us for a quote and details.

Server specs for dedicated:

IP numbers: Starts at 8, Depending on how much you pay.

  •  CPU: Dual Processor Cores or up
  •  Windows 2003/CentOS 6.4
  •  1GB RAM or up
  •  80GB IDE Hard Disk or up
  •  Unmetered monthly traffic
  •  We provide super fast, easy to use mailing software/platform
  •  Ready-to-Send server, just upload lists, Set, and Send
  •  Private bulk email sending desktop/Online platform
  •  24/7 Online Support
  •  99 Uptime Guarantee
  •   Month-to-month contract
  •  Reliability and 100% Bulk Friendly Guaranteed!
Per month

Or send total from above drop box (add 10% fee and tax) to our BTC, ETH, and LTC addresses below and then Contact Us:    

BTC: 1LDt86HbaREB5mJnZckdYmuXYNSCQj25pj
ETH: ask for details
LTC: ask for details.

Please read our Terms of Service

Monthly Fee: See Drop down menu.
For specs that are not listed in our order menu, Please contact us for a quote One Week Trial Period with 8 IPs: $69

Note: month payment by Wire Transfer , Western Union , Money Gram, Alipay, Webmoney(WMZ), Perfect Money, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN and major Credit card. Paying with BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, Perfect Money and webmoney (WMZ) will need a 10% handling fee added.