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Dedicated BP HOSTING Servers -BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, and LITECOIN ACCEPTED-contact us for detail

Using our BP DNS, you will be actually setup/hosted on multiple servers in different data centers and never go down because of spam complaints, even if you are ordering one server.

Install you own software or use Cpanel, Host unlimited Websites, Reliable and Fast Services Guaranteed

BP Dedicated server is for client that has more than 50K clicks per day and concerns the speed and bandwidth usage.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)/Cloud server is for client that wants to host unlimited domains but do not have whole lot of traffic.

Specs for Dedicated server:

  •  Guaranteed CPU share & more when available
  •  Choice of 32 & 64-bit platforms
  •  RAID-10 SSD storage
  •  Dedicated IP Address
  •  Unmetered 100mbit Tier-1 Bandwidth

CPU - 2 Processor Guaranteed or up

  •   Centos, Windows, FreeBSD or any other Linux system available
  •  2GB RAM or up
  •  80GB IDE Hard Disk or up
  •  Unlimited monthly traffic
  •  SSH Telnet Access or Remote Desktop Connection (Windows only)
  •   Self-Managed, Install your own software
  •   Full Root/Administrator Access
  •   One clean IP address
  •  High speed 100MPS backbone bandwidth
  •  Offshore Reliable Server
  •  24/7 Online Support
  •  99% Uptime Guarantee
  •  We will not shut you down due to unreasonable spam complaints
  •  Month-to-month contract
  •  Reliability and 100% Bulk email Friendly Guaranteed!

About Cpanel: If you want to install Cpanel on your server, there is a $50/mo monthly license fee for it. You do not have to use Cpanel, our tech can help you on setting up your site without using Cpanel, no extra charge.

What makes Cloud VPS Hosting better?
Virtual Private Server Hosting, or VPS Hosting for short, refers to the hosting of your server in a virtualized environment on a high powered enterprise class hardware infrastructure. Using virtualization technology, we are able to provision multiple "virtual servers" in our cloud infrastructure that can be scaled from as small as one core to as many as 28 cores of CPU power, with up to 56 GB of RAM. Cloud virtual private server hosting allows customers to only pay for the resources they need at a given time, unlike dedicated hosting. Unlike shared hosting, a VPS provides guaranteed resource allocation to your server/site. Disk performance is also increased in a virtual private server environment, as the servers take advantage of high speed SSD RAID-10 storage.

You can use this server for any or all of the following:
1. Bulk Web Site Hosting
2. Proxy, Relay, or Port Scanning
Please read our Terms of Service

Special Price (Limited Time Only):
Monthly Fee: See Drop down menu.

Per month

Or send total from above drop box (add 10% fee and tax) to our BTC, ETH, and LTC addresses below and then Contact Us:    

BTC: 1LDt86HbaREB5mJnZckdYmuXYNSCQj25pj
ETH: ask for details
LTC: ask for details.

For specs that are not listed in our order menu, Please contact us for a quote
Set up fee: $0

Note: month payment by Wire Transfer , Western Union , Money Gram, Alipay, Webmoney(WMZ), Perfect Money, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN and major Credit card. Paying with BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, Perfect Money and webmoney (WMZ) will need a 10% handling fee added.