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Bullet Proof Web Hosting FAQ

Q: What is Bullet Proof Web Hosting?
A: Usually, your web hosting provider will shut down your web site within days, or even sooner, if they find out you are sending bulk e-mails and directing people to your site on their server. Bullet-Proof Web Hosting helps you to direct customers to your web site, and you won't have to worry about being shut down because of unreasonable spam complaints.

Q: Do you help with SPF, DKIM and DMARC records for my sending domains?
A: Yes. We do help client to set domains' SPF, DKIM and DMARC records in order to get higher delivery rate for your smtp accounts and servers for free. In this case, you need to provide your own clean domain names to us or buy new bp domains from us for this purpose. For more information on why your domains need SPF and DKIM records, please read gmail bulk sender guidelines:


Q: Do your sending IPs have RDNS or PTR records?
A: Yes. But there are two kinds of RDNS or PTR records, one is to use your own domains to create PTR records (or RDNS/Reverse DNS), we call this customized RDNS, and another one is to use IPs?existing PTR records. Creating customzied RDNS will involve a fee, please contact us for details.

Q: Can I use CGI scripts?
A: Yes, your server is provided with a cgi-bin for running your CGI/perl scripts.

Q: Do you offer Form Processing Script?
A: Yes, form processing script is provided in our Bullet-Proof Web Hosting plans.

Q: Can I use my own domain name?
A: Yes, you can use your own domain name in all our hosting plans.

Q: I don't have a domain name.Can I use your hosting service?
A: We suggest you register a domain name. You can also buy BP domain name from our source overseas Anonymously at $35 each per year (we assure 2 month or get a new one for free).

Q:Do you offer Remove Script and a Submit Form for Unsubscribe Requests?
A: Yes, our web hosting plans come with free removal script.

Q: Where are your servers located?
A: Our servers are located all over the world, please talk to us which location you want to stay or we can locate you in the right location for you.

Q: Can I share my server space with my friends?
A: No, you are not allowed to share your web hosting account with others. We require one site per account, and we allow no sub-sites under one hosting account.

Q: How long will it take to setup my account?
A: Setting up your account takes about ten minutes to 24 hours depends on what kind of account you are buying. For Shared BP Web Hosting, it takes less time and for dedicated server, it takes longer but up to 24 hours. We will notify you by e-mail when your account is ready to go.

Q: Do you allow sending e-mail through your hosting server?
A: We prohibit sending e-mails from our bp hosting servers. However, we have bulk email sending servers allowing you to do so.

Q: Is this a month-to-month contract?
A: Yes, we will notify you for the payment each month before payment is due. You can cancel anytime prior to the end of a monthly cycle.

Q: Do you have a Reseller Program?
A: Yes. We offer a very competitive Private Label Reseller Program that can generate profit for you instantly. Please visit our Private Label Reseller Program for more details.

Q: What is Bullet Proof Domain Hosting?
A: Our innovative Bullet-Proof Domain Hosting will host your domain name and redirect all your traffic to any web address of your choice, using our URL cloaking technique. Your domain name will always be displayed in the top URL address bar, so any web surfers won't see the actual “forwarded to?web address in their browsers. We will never shut you down, no matter how many complaints we receive. And you will always have the flexibility to change the redirecting URL address at any time through a password-protected web interface, so you are in total control every time!

Q: What is URL Cloaking?
A: With URL Cloaking, your domain name remains in the address bar of the browser. The destination URL (web address) will be hidden from all visitors?eyes; the web surfers won't see the “forwarded to?web address in their browsers.

Q: Besides URL cloaking, do you use other techniques to hide my destination URL?
A: We actually use four techniques to hide your destination web address; URL cloaking is just one of them. We also employ a script to disable the browsers?status bars, so they won't show your URL when surfers move their mouse over a link in your web page. The third technique is to insert faked and encrypted prefix string to your destination URL, to disguise your real web address and to confuse surfers. Our fourth technique is providing you with JavaScripts to use in your web pages. Our JavaScripts will:
1.Disable the Status bar in the browser, so it won't show your URL when surfers move their mouse over a link in your web page.
2. Disable mouse right click so surfers can not see your Page Properties.
3. Prohibits surfers from copying links and text content of your web pages.
4. Disable [Shift]+ Click function, this will prevent browser from opening New Windows.
Our techniques make it extremely difficult for any typical surfers to find out your true destination address.

Q: Will the surfers ever find out the destination URL to which you redirect them?
A: Nothing is 100% secure. However, we made it extremely difficult for any typical surfers to find out your true destination address. Since only your advertising domain name shows on the top location bar of the browser, the vast majority of complaints will be reported to us, because we are the hosting provider of that domain. Complainants will actually think we are hosting your entire site! The remainder will be confused by the techniques we use, and probably none of them will ever find out your destination URL. Our plan is to make all complaints come to us, not to your destination hosting provider, so your e-mail campaign’s web site will last. We will never shut you down because of complaints!

Q: What should I do if my destination web site gets shut off?
A: We provide you with a password-protected web interface that allows you to change your redirecting web address at any time. We suggest you make two or three duplicate sites (using throw-away cheap or free hosting accounts) so you can switch among them instantly if any one of them does get shut down.

Q: I am concerned about the speed, how fast is your server?
A: The speed of your web site is entirely up to the destination server you are using, not ours. Usually, it takes 2 to 5 seconds for the initial redirecting, and once it's redirected, the web site speed is entirely depending on the destination server you are hosting with. This is one of the major advantages using our Domain Hosting service.