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Cheap Affordable Bulk Email Sending Plans -BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, and LITECOIN ACCEPTED-contact us for detail

Our online bulk email sending plans allow you to send up to 100k emails per day per account with Interspire as sending platform. To reach high inbox rate, our software check your email content and message for spam keywords, use SPF and DMARC records for sending domain, sign your messages and its header with DKIM record. Our bulk email sending plans are 40% cheaper than major players like Campaigner, but we have better customer services and can reach higher inbox rate by using above mentioned techniques and automatic IP rotating techniques to avoid spam filters.


for a free online Demo to see how it works: Please use username and password listed below (or contact us if password does not work).
Username: demo   Password: password

To order, select from the Dropdown menu below: Plans includes: 24/7 Support, 100m CDN Mdedia Hosting (For user who is sending less than 25000 per day, for people who are sending more than 25000 per day, contact us for a quote on bullet proof hosting), A/B Sliting testing, Auto Responders, Unlimited Sends, Segmentation, Recuring Campaigns, dozens of templates, Easy WYSIWYG Editing, Easy, Automatic Unsubscribes, Automatic Bounce Handling, Email Open Reporting, Link Click Tracking, Unsubscribe Reporting and much more.

Our solution has automatic IP rotation, SPF, DEMARC and DKIM record setting to avoid spam filters and reach high inbox delivery rate. If you need PTR (or revese dns for your sending IPs) records to be set for your sending, please contact us for a special quote.

Chose Your Cheap Affordable Bulk Email Sending Plans Below:

Interspire Sending plan (Monthly)

Or send total from above drop box (add 10% fee and tax) to our BTC, ETH, and LTC addresses below and then Contact Us:    

BTC: 1LDt86HbaREB5mJnZckdYmuXYNSCQj25pj
ETH: ask for details
LTC: ask for details.

If you are a high volume customer like retailers, agencies, corporate, or if you do not have time to promote your site by yourself, and resellers, please contact us for a quote and discuss details. Our experienced Campaign Analysts can get you the right setting you need for your campaigns. Our highly skilled technicians can deliver your bulk email messages to your audience within the time frame you requested with very reasonable price, high inbox rate. We use thousands of IPs and hundreds of servers for marketing of our clients' sites. We will apply wisely bulk sending strategies to deliver legally and into the inboxes. Please contact us for details.

Tips: It is always cheaper to send emails by yourself using rented servers. As a client, we will guide you for free on how to start with our system.

24/7 Online Support

  •  99% Uptime Guarantee
  •  We will not shut you down due to unreasonable spam complaints
  •   Reliability and 100% Bulk Friendly Guaranteed!

Fee estimation if you want us to send bulk emails for you: $36 per 10k emails sent, 25% discount apply for second 10k and there after. First time setup fee: $50. If you have a project need to send more than 100k per day, please contact us for more discount.

Note: month payment by Wire Transfer , Western Union , Money Gram, Alipay, Webmoney(WMZ), Perfect Money, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN and major Credit card. Paying with BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, Perfect Money and webmoney (WMZ) will need a 10% handling fee added. To Order, Please contact us!